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State of Mental Emergency - Haibian
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From Their Mouths

I was captivated from the first page!

Definitely enlightening; powerful read for rich inspiration.

These poems are what I need to brighten up my day!

Victoria R.

Kierra T.

Rochelle Y.


Since the age of 6, Haibian has been writing; from short stories to poetry.  She had her first published poem at 12.  Performing since the age of 18, Haibian's interest has always been in the captivation of her listeners attention with topics that are for the every day person.  She also focuses on staying true to her LGBT community.

She shows her support with volunteer work and personal events to help witin the LGBT community. As author of April's Royal'try Series, Haibian's main focus is to show her readers a view in the life of herself during the month of April.  With April being national poetry month, each book within April's Royal'try Series will keep you captivated and motivated.


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